Chunian is a historic city of  Pakistan. Chunian is located at 30° 58' 0 North 73° 58' 60 East. Chunian is situated 80 Kilometers away from Lahore (Capital of Punjab). It is a Tehsil/Headquarter of Dist Kasur. Chunian is divided into Two parts for administration Know as Chunian City 1 and Chunian City 2. The Administration and Area under Chunian City 1 is wisely managed by their respective administrators than Chunian City 2.

Pakistan's Largest Forest in Chhanga Manga is also under this Tehsil/headquarter. Pakistan's Largest Sugar mill is also in this city (probably the largest sugar mill of south Asia). Chunian has a population of 75,000 and consist of 27 Union Counsils (ALLAH ABAD, BHAGIWAL, CHAK NO 13, CHAK NO 18, CHUNIAN NO 1, CHUNIAN NO 2, DEO SIAL, DHUTTAY, GEHLAN HITHAR, JAGUWALA, JAJJAL, JAMSHER KALAN, JAMSHER KHURD, JAND WALA, KANGANPUR, KANGANPUR RURAL, KOT SANDRESS, KOTHA, KULL, LUNDAY, MAUJOKI, MOKAL, MULAPUR, MUNDAYKI, SADDA, TALWANDI, WAN KHARA) . Chunian City is located on the right side of River Biaas but River Biaas changed its course several decades ago and the garbage of the city has filled this.

Chunian has a better market for agrarians. There are two busiest markets in Chunian Khalid Market and Jinnah Market. Majority of People of villages usually come in these markets for shopping otherwise many of them goto Pattoki (another city). 


The present city is more than 500 years old. Some parts of the city fortification and several of its gates still exist. The city is built on a mound that is believed to be an original Harappan or Indus Valley Civilisation site. There has been little excavation. The last excavation was carried out in 1978 by the Archeology Department, Government of Pakistan. Among other objects, coins dating back to Alexander the Great's time (c. 323 B.C.) were discovered at the site. A large area of unexcavated mounds extends to the south-west of the city where ancient bricks and shards of pottery can be found on the surface. Popular legend holds that the city has been destroyed nine times in the past. The present name is popularly believed to have been derived from 'Chunni', name of a daughter of Raja Todar Mal, the dewan or revenue minister to Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great. Little historical evidence of this belief has been documented. People of nearby villages call the city Chooni in local dialect of Punjabi (source wikipedia)

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